What will Real Property Management do for me?

It doesn’t matter if you own one rental home or several, our goal is to protect and maximize your property investment. Using 35 years of experience Real Property Management has streamlined its processes to help rental home owners maximize rental income while minimizing expenses and inefficiencies.

Properties We Manage:

We take care of all types of residential rental properties for our clients – houses, condos, multi-plexes, and entire condo complexes. We also have a designated Short Term Management Division who specializes in full management of Okanagan vacation properties.

Our Professional Services

Comprehensive Marketing & Advertising

We know one of the greatest assets to your investment property is having fantastic tenants. Our extensive marketing strategy targets local, provincial, national, and international candidates on upwards of 25 online platforms. Our goal is to draw from a large pool of applicants and match the perfect tenant with your property.

Advanced Technology

Tenants can easily book showings, take 3D tours, submit applications, sign leases, and pay rent and security deposits online. Tenants also have 24/7 access to their Online Portals where they can submit maintenance requests and review their account details. As a property owner, you also have a secure Online Portal where you can access monthly statements, legal documents, contract agreements, and property ledgers whenever and wherever you are.

Tenant Screenings 

Our comprehensive applicant screening includes criminal record checks, adverse media scrubs, sex offender registries, securities violations scans, global sanction registries, global clearance checks, public social media analyses (including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn), and alias/identity cross reference checks.

Applicant Credit Checks

We work with reputable credit reporting agencies to gather important financial information on potential tenants, including their outstanding and closed loans, lines of credit, credit card balances and maximums, loan payment records, and full credit reports.

Timely Rent Collection

Our online rent payment platform makes it easy for tenants to pay rent in full and on time, and our advanced reporting notifies us immediately of any late or delinquent payments. Consistent monthly cash flow is our top priority.

Regular Inspections & Preventative Maintenance 

We regularly inspect your property, inside and out, ensuring your property is in top notch condition. Our preventative maintenance initiatives reduce unnecessary and expensive maintenance issues in the future.

Cost-effective, Reliable Maintenance Coordination

With trusted preferred vendors and contractors, and our negotiated low rates, maintenance repairs and emergencies are handled quickly and successfully.

Comprehensive Accounting

We keep a highly accurate account of your property’s income and expenses in compliance with general accounting principles. Our advanced accounting services include comprehensive year end reports and Non-Resident tax submissions.

Impact Tenants' Credit Checks

Our preferred partnership with the Landlord Credit Bureau means we can positively impact our tenants’ ability to protect and build their credit ratings. Alternatively, if a tenant doesn’t pay their rent on time, or leaves the property with rent owing, their credit scores will be negatively impacted just as it would if they default on a loan or credit card payment.

Strict and Compliant Evictions 

Despite our thorough screening process, when necessary, we have proven methods and procedures to legally evict tenants in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act.


In partnership with the Landlord Credit Bureau, we work diligently to recover debts owed from current or former tenants with an effective collections strategy.

What does a Real Property Manager Do For You?